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The Case for Revolutionizing How We Teach Web Design

“All we’re gearing our kids up for is a life in an office. No wonder there’s no stampede for that career path.”

EDIT: Video here

Interesting and worrying slideshow. Sadly not surprising though - and it’s been happening forever. My dad is a physicist, and was routinely horrified at the outdated stuff we were taught at school. He wondered why teachers of anything tech weren’t allowed to work in the industry every now and again, to get back up to speed.

I’ve always wondered - as someone who has a degree in ‘Visual Communication Design’ but spent her life in the dark room and print shop, what the hell they really teach on a ‘web design’ course. As far as I know, everyone’s still arguing on what ‘web design’ is, aren’t they? It’s code! It’s graphics! It’s UX! It’s all of those and you suck if you can’t do a backflip at the same time! Maybe if we could all decide what the arse we’re supposed to be doing, we could help out a bit.

disclaimer: I have no idea what I’m doing, or what the answer is. Apologies.

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