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Not the first - definitely not the last. Has the URL though.
Assume they know ‘making things is hard’ and hope they know how to deal with it. All you folks who chose the path ‘because it’s hard’ try not to complain about the path you have chosen, it was not forced upon you… Enjoy! Etc.

Independent magazines for kids (published in the uk)

Friends have been talking about this recently. I’ve been keeping an eye on the conversation because I love children’s illustration and I’m really interested in printed publishing (print, still not dead, etc). I’ve not seen any of the above list in the flesh, so can’t recommend personally, but thought i’d share the list, incase you might find it useful.

For BERG, My London Launchpad

The design company behind the Little Printer is dead

Incredibly sad news. I had a lot of fun working there, and it was a company full of smart people. Wrong kind of smarts maybe, but the right kind of company. Good folk.

Matt’s official wrap up here.

An internship for fall 2014 - Fall Internship 2014

Intern for Seth Godin in NYC

Spinning armadillos defy gravity

Disney researchers have combined 3D printing with a clever new algorithm that makes it possible to create an object of any shape and make it spin.”

Now we’ll never be able to tell if we’re dreaming or not.

/Inception joke

Home run London

I love this idea! Running groups across London, to get you from work to home - but even better, they’ll take your bags. Can’t do it as I live too far away, but it’s a great idea.