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Bizarre proof-of-concept tech by Dr. Hirotaka Osawa are glasses with small displays that give attention to others around you.

The idea here is that we have technology to help us work in areas such as physical labour and brainwork, but not “emotional labour”, the social face-to-face aspects of job roles. Video embedded below:

From IEEE:

Have you ever had trouble concentrating in the office as people walk by and glance at you? Do you come off as unfriendly or aloof, when you’re really just focusing on your work?

Dr. Hirotaka Osawa from Tsukuba University, in Japan, has developed a new wearable device to help us with something called “emotional labor.” His idea is that people could adopt cyborg technology to increase the emotional comfort of those around us. In this case, the device is a crazy pair of glasses that display eyeballs on their lenses.

The device’s virtual eyes naturally follow people and movement, making it appear as though you’re friendly and approachable, even if you’re too busy doing something else or too tired to actually look friendly and approachable.

"This emotional support reduces a user’s cognitive load for social manners," Osawa says.

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I like this. I also Like Matt Webb’s Glancing project from way back ( and then the thought that you’d need to write a bot to respond to other people’s glances so that you didn’t seem rude, thus negating the entire point of the project

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Everything is going to be ok. It’s ok to fail.

I started using Evernote recently, and made a specific place to file ‘everything is going to be ok’. You see it everywhere. It’s embroidered, it’s in neon, it’s written in beautiful swirly calligraphy and arty little sketchbooks. I’m not going to share any links here, because it’s first thing I the morning and I’m using the tumblr app and it’s too much of a pain - but trust me, according to the internet, everything is going to be ok.

Why are we so obsessed with it? Is it reassuring? If you’re really worried, or have a really big problem, then you know what? Everything won’t be ok. Not always. If someone is sick, dying, then they won’t be ok. You will get over your grief in time, but not in the time it takes you to read an art poster. If you’re in that situation, I would imagine seeing a jaunty little motto hand embroidered or instagrammed from someone’s sketchbook would make you want to rip the world apart. It’s a punch to the heart, because nothing will ever be the same again.

I think we know that too. These posters aren’t for people in real trouble, are they. They’re for quirky folk who like a bit of lettering, a bit of a meme, a bit of keep calm and carry on.

When did we all decided we needed to be dictated to from some higher voice? As a person who follows no faith or religion, it’s just dawned in me - is everyone missing God? So many of us have no deity now, are we missing a higher power? We’ve just distilled religion down to the basics. There’s no heaven but everything is going to be ok.

We’re so needy.

And the failures. It’s ok to fail. Fail faster. How failure helped my business succeed. What’s with that?

This is not something our parents grew up with, is it? It’s not something I grew up with in school. I went to art school, we used sketchbooks to work through our ideas - extrapolating out, these are ‘failure books’ right? Loads of ideas that didn’t make it? No one called it that. The word ‘failure’ wasn’t thrown around all the time.

What happened to us all in school, or early on in our careers? Something did. The fact that we have to justify ourselves to our peers constantly, ‘I’m not failing! I’m just succeeding differently!’

We’ll all grow out of it. Get back to just working, making prototypes, sketching, getting all the ideas, methods and processes out, the difficult second album, etc until will get to the point we’re happy with the thing we’ve made. It won’t matter if it’s software, hardware, a cake, a car or a new business.

People will stop calling the process ‘failing’ and just call it ‘life’.

Hopefully it’s reassuring some people along the way. If it wasn’t it wouldn’t be such a thing, right? And in the meantime, as always, a bunch of pretty confident, successful people make money from everyone else’s neurosis.

Never mind, at least everything is going to be ok.

Mini mobile printer - kickstarter

"Print machines now-a-days are essentially a printhead running left and right on a moving piece of paper. We asked ourselves, why not get rid of the entire device, just put the printhead on a set of small wheels and let it run across a piece of paper. By doing so, we allow the printer to really be as little as possible. "

1) no
2) What’s up with the kawaii face, Goog? Where did this come from? 

1) no

2) What’s up with the kawaii face, Goog? Where did this come from? 

This was aimed at people they didn’t already publish to, headed up by a few people who had nothing to do with Trinity Mirror and went from concept to actual launch in five days, which is about as long as it took to compile a coffee order in the old days of media. Us vs Th3m is a tiny idea with massive appeal rather than a massive idea which turns out to have tiny appeal. I’ve no idea whether it makes money but they’ll learn far more about its potential by getting out there and doing it than they ever would sitting there looking out of the windows of Canary Wharf and thinking beautiful thoughts.